About Us

DETAY WEEKLY ECONOMIC MAGAZINE was founded in Ankara on 6 April 1987 and is published weekly in Turkish and English. 
Tenders issued by national and international institutions, at their announcement, opening and concluding stages, and projects-investments initiated by the public and private sectors.
Official appointments, regulations, decree laws, circulars, an economic outlook each week.
On the basis of tenders, projects and investments; 
A compilation is given of survey-projects, turnkey projects, industrial and auxiliary material procurements, transports (land-sea-air-rail), machinery & equipment, supervision services, insurance, building control, construction contracts, all developments in public privatizations, incentive awards, inflow of foreign capital, information on defense industry and modernization of Turkish Armed Forces, naturalgas distribution licence tenders issued by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), BOTAŞ's naturalgas pipeline projects, 3-6-9-12 month official statistics in various sectors. 
DETAY WEEKLY ECONOMIC MAGAZINE is prepared for publication under the current technological conditions. Its staff consists of reporters who are experienced in this field because of their qualified background. 
With warm and close relations with the readers DETAY MAGAZINE also supplies inquiry services in relevant fields apart from its printed magazines. 
Our issues are delivered to the headquarters and other units of all the public managements and enterprises, public and private banks, to companies operating in the areas of raw and intermediary goods, sea, land, air, rail transports, inspection companies, insurance agencies, contracting firms, machinery and equipment suppliers as well as to those in the automotive sector, embassies, offices of trade attache, and others who are interested in investments in Turkey.
The recent developments in the use of internet have enabled users to easily reach whatever they want and because of the fact that this will be the only means of communications all over the world in the near future we have felt the inevitable need to appear on the internet .
You will be able to reach us through the English and Turkish website. 
DETAY MAGAZINE will do its best to present what is useful to you. We are sure that your close interest will continue with the website DETAY MAGAZINE, on which recommended additions/changes are welcome. 
Let's meet with your contributions to using DETAY MAGAZINE in the most appropriate way possible. 
DETAY MAGAZINE always with you on the internet...